Digital Marketing Top 5 Trends for 2021

October 8, 2021 | by Admin

Digital Marketing: Top 5 Trends for 2021

The ongoing pandemic has completely changed the way businesses functioned and customers dealt with them to date.

Hence, if you are running a brand, adopt and adapt to these changes. Stay relevant and in the business. Follow the latest and the latest Digital Marketing trends. Push traffic to your site, create more leads, and boost sales, even as you keep hold of your hard-earned customer-base in the ‘new normal’.

Digital Marketing: Top 5 Trends for 2021

1. Visual Search – Shop through the Lens

As per some top marketers, if you see something and like what you see, you will buy it most probably. Since today it may not be possible– and safe — for your customers to venture out to physically check what you are offering, use the Visual Search facility offered through certain new Visual Search tools–such as Google Lens and Pinterest Lens–to convert your customers. Visual Search is a revolutionary concept. As per a study, as high as 62% of Gen Z and Millennial shoppers want visual search capacities more than any other new technology available. So, make certain that your shoppers can easily locate your business through their lens.

2. Have More Interactive Content

Add more interactive content to your website or social media to offer more value for visitors, inspire them to engage with your brand, and learn more about them. Let’s say you make shirts for men! If you have some quiz sections on your site where you ask your customers and prospects to answer a few questions related to their likes and dislikes involving shirts, you will get a lot of useful data that you can use to improve your products–and resultantly–do a better business.

3. Have Influencers Onboard

Engage influential and well-known influencers to push your brand and expand your market base this year. As per a 2021 report, influencer marketing would be worth $9.7 billion this year. So, jump on the influencer marketing bandwagon and set aside a budget for influencer marketing if you are serious about improving your business and marking more money!

4. Be Present on Different Platforms

Sometimes, enough may not be enough. For the best possible results, through Digital Marketing, be present, and reach out to your audience through most major different channels, including social media, emails, apps, and websites. A report says that the frequency of purchase is 250% more when you do marketing through different channels simultaneously, vis-à-vis when you do it through a single-channel.

5. Do More Social Media Promotions

Thanks to the deadly disease, now customers are spending more time online and doing more research on different products, brands, and firms. This remarkable shopper shift has created fresh opportunities for marketers to boost their reach with new audiences and re-engage with their long-time clients. For just some money, you can have a solid content plan, make daily posts, supervise and drive client responses–and importantly–draw new business. So, in case you haven’t been serious about social media services, or haven’t been giving them the importance they deserve, this is the right time, right?

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