Are You Making these 5 Most Common Digital Marketing Mistakes?

It may not be easy to do Digital Marketing–also known as Internet–Marketing without making some mistakes, because as a rookie, or an inexperienced person, you may easily get lost in the jungle of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content Marketing, and Social Media Marketing (SMM), etc., and wonder what to do and how to wade through the choppy and unfathomable waters of these and other key elements of Digital Marketing.

The result: you may end up making some costly mistakes. What are those common blunders?

Let’s take a quick look at 5 such mistakes and avoid them in the future for a successful Digital Marketing outcome!

5 Most Common Digital Marketing Blunders

1. Chasing the wrong people

A common blunder many businesses make is that they chase the wrong people. Several firms make an effort to target many segments of audiences hoping to reach as many people as possible. But they feel bad when people don’t purchase what they have to offer. Other organizations believe they know their target audience well, but they end up chasing the wrong people completely.

Don’t walk in their footsteps! Study your target audience before you kick-start your campaigns! Find the right audience with the right research and testing. Find out who wants your products or services. Create marketing personas, on the basis of your earlier buyers. Talk with your prospects: Engage with them on the social media platforms, via comments conversations, polls forums, surveys, etc.

2. Not Investing in The Right Resources

Numerous businesses use just a few professionals to deal with every of their digital marketing requirement, even as some don’t even offer them with the required tools.

Don’t make this costly mistake! Get the right tools and also the right number of skilled digital marketing professionals. Get the highest possible return on your investment!

3. Ignoring Keyword Research

Make the keyword research tools an important part of your regular digital marketing efforts. Keywords are the center of your SEO tactic. When you ignore keyword optimization, you lose the golden chance to fulfill your consumers’ and clients’ requirements organically in search when their purchase aim is fairly high.

4. Fixing Out-of-Reach Targets

Several digital marketers have impractical targets that give too much importance to the digital space believing through ONLY digital methods they would get whatever they want. Also, many digital marketers think that every guest to their site would eventually convert into sales.

Have a long-term approach. Sketch out the targets you wish to attain in the short, medium, and long terms. Have goals that you can logically accomplish. Study past trends and also the experiences of other, comparable businesses.

5. Not Having a Blog

Publishing blog content that is helpful, informed, and accessible will establish you as an authority in your field and also as someone who can be trusted. Make interactive blog. Ask questions, seek answers.


Chasing the wrong audience, not investing in the right resources, ignoring the keyword research, setting out-of-reach targets, not having a blog…these are the 5 most common digital marketing mistakes that many businesses and people are making these days. Don’t walk in their footsteps!

What Everyone Should Know about Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing–also known as Online Marketing — has completely transformed the way marketing and promotion of products and services are done. For this new age marketing, every type of digital technology and digital media–such as mobile phones, and display advertising, etc.–is used, through the Internet and the different social media platforms.  

Digital marketing isn’t only rather inexpensive but also the most powerful method to boost and expand your business.

Why & How

1. It costs just a little of the total amount spent for usual marketing.
2. It’s the quickest method to network with your customers.
3. It’s the most targeted way of marketing on hand.
4. It’s a wonderful manner to build trust and develop your name and brand in the market.

Moving on to the Topic…

Everyone should know about these important facts about Digital Marketing:

1. Using Social Media to Build your Brand Helps

As mentioned earlier, Social Media Marketing (SMM) is an amazing medium for a business to develop and boost brand presence through the online platforms. The same also gives an extremely powerful instrument to share information and distribute content for your products and services. Utilizing different kinds of social media platforms — like Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram — creates fresh opportunities to interact and hook-up with your possible clients and customers. These and other such social media sites give your brand access to a vast pool of possible customers.

2. Organic Search Still Rules

Customers and others seek the information they need online through a variety of methods, with the most well-known being the search engine results. Optimize your website in a proper way to get your website right in front of your possible customers and clients. When you optimize your website in the right way, the search engines identify the nature or the theme of your site, and also the manner the same relates to the user’s interest. Executing a solid organic search plan will boost the visibility of your website and help draw more traffic, multiplying your business prospects.

3. Building E-mail Lists Is Decisive

Building a large data bank of e-mails from those who visit your website is an effective method to know about your possible consumers. Several digital marketing drives involve making a data bank of e-mail addresses of the likely customers to send them e-mails sharing information about the firm’s newest products, services, promotions, or newsletters. An excellent manner to get a good number of e-mail addresses is to have a dedicated place on your website where people may willingly enter their e-mail addresses. If you wish to grow your e-mail list, provide your site guests promotional coupons – of course, after they sign-up for your monthly newsletter.

In a Nutshell

Digital Marketing–also known as Online Marketing–is a powerful way to grow your business and make more money. Use Social Media to build your brand, harness the powers of Organic Search, and build E-mail data banks for powerful online marketing drives, and also to propel your brand to soaring heights.

Top 5 Myths about Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is an incredibly popular and effective marketing approach, but like all popular things, it’s surrounded by myths. Let’s take a quick look at 5 such myths and expose them so that nobody suffers and everyone continues to gain from its wide reach and power!

The Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

1. For Marketing & Brand Promotion All You Need Is Digital Marketing

Today, in this digital age, digital marketing is incredibly vital to a brand. Still, don’t overestimate its reach and power. See it as just one segment of your overall marketing plan.

Traditional marketing may have taken a back seat to digital marketing. But, still many people check magazines, buy the newspaper and see your billboard.

2. Digital Marketing is Solely for BIG Businesses

Many people believe that online marketing is only for big organizations. Consequently, several small-to-midsized businesses (SMBs) stay away from digital marketing as they think it’s something only big firms can do or afford.

Needless to say, this is completely wrong. Businesses of all shapes and sizes can use internet marketing to push their sales and reach more customers. It doesn’t matter if you have just one worker or 10000 –the size of your operation doesn’t decide if you can use this kind of marketing. Similarly, your industry, products, or services don’t have an effect whatsoever on your capacity to gain from internet marketing either.

3. It’s Completely Tech-Oriented

It’s true that technology plays a BIG part in digital marketing. However, and at the same time, it’s nothing but a fine maturing of the conventional marketing practices. Don’t ignore your old methods; use them as a base for your digital marketing efforts. Since conventional and online marketing have merged into one, it’s not like you’re beginning from scratch when you take the online route.

4. Digital Marketing Doesn’t Cost A Penny

There’s nothing called free lunch in life. This holds true in the case of digital marketing as well. Even if you decide to run your digital marketing yourself, you still require mulling over the time it’s taking you – and, of course, if that time would be better spent on other important activities, particularly if the returns you’re receiving are negligible.

5. Posting Content Isn’t Essential

Many people believe that once they have a website up and running and looking good they are through with their job. This is anything but a fact. Agreed — the design and layout of your website is crucial. Still, if you wish to attract the traffic you need to your website, on a constant basis, create appropriate and interesting content for those on your business radar.

Final Thoughts

For Marketing & Brand Promotion All You Need Is Digital Marketing, Digital Marketing is Solely for BIG Businesses, It’s Completely Tech-Oriented, Digital Marketing Doesn’t Cost A Penny, Posting content isn’t important…Digital Marketing is plagued with many such myths. Know the facts, don’t believe in the myths, if you want to make more money and maximize your digital marketing efforts.

Crack the Digital Marketing Code with These 4 ‘Tried & Tested’ Strategies!

Digital Marketing has become an important element of the modern day marketing strategies no matter what business you are running — and so if it’s not part of your overall business plan, make it before you miss the bus.

It hardly matters if your business is B2B, or for that matter, B2C, by doing digital advertisements by the book, you will productively boost your online presence, and see more conversions and sales while you experience permanent growth.

Strangely, despite its widespread popularity, many people are clueless about the whole marketing approach. They just don’t know how to milk the amazing powers of this revolutionary marketing. If you are one such person, decode digital marketing with these 4 ‘tried and tested’ strategies for a fruitful business outcome!

The 4 Digital Advertising Strategies

1. Merge SEO with Content Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) isn’t a new thing, as since too long, experts have been doing it to get a high SERP ranking. But now you won’t be able to take Google for a ride.

Nowadays, most of the metrics covered by the search engine giant’s algorithm involves content and the engagement you get via the distribution of quality content, in the form of videos, visuals, infographics, etc.

Against this, with just keywords and coding, you just can’t beat the race. You will have to creatively combine SEO with Content Marketing, to do well in your business and push sales.

2. Do Aggressive Social Media Marketing

Social media has brought the entire global online community on a common platform. For the past couple of years, it has become much more than only something that people use as an entertainment. Today, the chances of people buying a product or using a service are 71% higher if they have social media referral.

3. Do Creative Video Marketing

Presently, videos are ruling the world of the internet with the likes of Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and live options on them dominating the timeline of the users. According to the available data, the businesses practicing video marketing are growing 49% quicker, in relation to other than the one that aren’t. Against this, leverage your video marketing approach by creating, sharing every kind of witty, informative, motivational videos even as you have a proper time plan for sharing these.

4. Spend Intelligently

Some specific digital platforms that work well for one company may not help other firms. Each platform used to market online gives you an entirely different value. So, figure-out which platforms you should invest more time and money into.


Today, every second person in the market is doing digital advertising hoping to boost his business and reach more customers. But just doing this kind of modern marketing may not help. You should be on the top of your game, to steal a march over your rivals. Merge SEO with content marketing, do aggressive social media marketing, do creative video marketing, and spend cleverly, if you want to successfully crack the digital marketing code, for a fruitful outcome.       

Are you Doing Enough Digital Marketing for your Business?

Digital marketing is the need of today if you a running a business or are a professional and want to draw more customers/clients. While conventional marketing still matters, digital marketing is more vital in this age of internet and online activities where more and more people are checking websites, to quench their thirst for information and get what they want. 

As per a report, for local businesses, 87% of consumers are checking online reviews. Besides, effective digital marketing gives you more conversions. Through social media, for example, today businesses are generating as high as 78% more business, vis-à-vis the organizations that aren’t harnessing the powers of the Social Media Marketing (SMM). Similarly, through e-mail marketing also the companies have an edge over others, in terms of engagement with those on their radar. This shows that you should do aggressive digital marketing to stay ahead and do a good business. 

The Million-Dollar Questions

How much digital marketing you should do for the purpose? How much time you should devote every week or month to keep your business flourishing and the stream of customers flowing endlessly?

Let’s first talk about the time period!

As per some experts and those in-the-know, a standard business, in a regular industry, should dedicate not less than 20 hours every month for online marketing. If you are doing business in an incredibly competitive geographical market, you should spend more time on marketing, in relation to companies in the smaller towns. If you try to get a high rank for various locations, states, nationwide, or even globally, spend more time.

Now the amount that you need to spend!

If you have a small size business, then spend 7-8% of your total revenues on marketing (this includes conventional and internet marketing).  If you have a mid-sized business, then 10% of your total revenues for the purpose would be perfect. Similarly, if you have an enterprise business, then spend 15% of your total revenues on marketing.

However, if you are running your company in a highly competitive industry, boost your investment for marketing.

How to Make the Most of Your Marketing Spend?

You know how much to spend and how much time to set aside for digital marketing, right, but how to make the most of your marketing budget? Well, follow these two tips!

  1. Develop a marketing plan

An effective marketing strategy is vital to your marketing budget. Draw your goals, marketing channels, and plans before you kick-start a drive to direct your marketing spend to the right projects. With a marketing plan, you can take a calculated approach, to push your business and make it more successful.

  1. Use analytics software to keep tab on your performance

Certain website analytics software–such as Google Analytics, for instance–is a must-have since these will help you track and measure your return on investment (ROI).

Final Thoughts

Spend the right amount of money and set aside sufficient time for digital marketing to do well in your business and profession. Have a good marketing plan and use analytics software to keep your digital marketing drives on the track. 

Digital Marketing Top 5 Trends for 2021

Digital Marketing: Top 5 Trends for 2021

The ongoing pandemic has completely changed the way businesses functioned and customers dealt with them to date.

Hence, if you are running a brand, adopt and adapt to these changes. Stay relevant and in the business. Follow the latest and the latest Digital Marketing trends. Push traffic to your site, create more leads, and boost sales, even as you keep hold of your hard-earned customer-base in the ‘new normal’.

Digital Marketing: Top 5 Trends for 2021

1. Visual Search – Shop through the Lens

As per some top marketers, if you see something and like what you see, you will buy it most probably. Since today it may not be possible– and safe — for your customers to venture out to physically check what you are offering, use the Visual Search facility offered through certain new Visual Search tools–such as Google Lens and Pinterest Lens–to convert your customers. Visual Search is a revolutionary concept. As per a study, as high as 62% of Gen Z and Millennial shoppers want visual search capacities more than any other new technology available. So, make certain that your shoppers can easily locate your business through their lens.

2. Have More Interactive Content

Add more interactive content to your website or social media to offer more value for visitors, inspire them to engage with your brand, and learn more about them. Let’s say you make shirts for men! If you have some quiz sections on your site where you ask your customers and prospects to answer a few questions related to their likes and dislikes involving shirts, you will get a lot of useful data that you can use to improve your products–and resultantly–do a better business.

3. Have Influencers Onboard

Engage influential and well-known influencers to push your brand and expand your market base this year. As per a 2021 report, influencer marketing would be worth $9.7 billion this year. So, jump on the influencer marketing bandwagon and set aside a budget for influencer marketing if you are serious about improving your business and marking more money!

4. Be Present on Different Platforms

Sometimes, enough may not be enough. For the best possible results, through Digital Marketing, be present, and reach out to your audience through most major different channels, including social media, emails, apps, and websites. A report says that the frequency of purchase is 250% more when you do marketing through different channels simultaneously, vis-à-vis when you do it through a single-channel.

5. Do More Social Media Promotions

Thanks to the deadly disease, now customers are spending more time online and doing more research on different products, brands, and firms. This remarkable shopper shift has created fresh opportunities for marketers to boost their reach with new audiences and re-engage with their long-time clients. For just some money, you can have a solid content plan, make daily posts, supervise and drive client responses–and importantly–draw new business. So, in case you haven’t been serious about social media services, or haven’t been giving them the importance they deserve, this is the right time, right?